We find that traditionally, companies tend to place great emphasis on branding and market share, but lack understanding when it comes to sales, how to convert opportunities and engage with clients or even with their own sales team. Time and time again, we see real estate developers make the same mistakes with no sales system or process in place.

Challenges of real estate developers

Real estate developers currently face a multitude of challenges regarding the sales cycle. These obstacles can have serious consequences on the overall business position of a company. A real estate developer’s inability to penetrate the intended buying market can stem from a number of reasons, including:​​​

We don’t just sit on the sidelines when we are creating sales and operational strategies for our clients. We dive in to the deeper workings of the organisation and look at the business from a chief executives' perspective. It’s the only way to thoroughly understand the inner workings of an organisation and move forward strategically and permanently fixing the misunderstood aspects of a developer’s deteriorating sales model

That’s where Performaa steps in – we set up the system, we fix the process and we run the business.