Performaa believes there are three key dimensions to transforming organizations’ approach to tools to put salespeople first and increase adoption: following a human-centered design, identifying the critical data to measurably improve the guided sales experience, and leveraging highly flexible platform technology.

Rather than taking a traditional management-focused or technology-centered approach to tool development, design is tailored to the services provided by the salesperson and the needs of reps as they engage with customers. Every sales rep works differently. Characteristics of the service design include an east-to-use, easy-to-access user interface; an ability to customize tools to personal needs; and a seamless ability to move across channels to progress toward closing the sale.

When designed through the eyes of the sales rep, sales tools can match the way sales-people sell and engage in the customer dialog—they are no longer just providing features that are largely reporting and tracking focused. They are personalized, and as easy to use, as the tools reps are using in their everyday lives. And, they are dynamic and flexible enough so that sales reps can customize them to their specific needs.

Through our sales strategy transformation approach, Performaa guides clients in achieving the optimal balance between the science and art of sales. The results help companies address competitive threats and maximize profitability; accelerate desired sales competencies and behaviors; deliver world-class sales operations; and, when desired, reduce operating costs by implementing third-party sourcing strategies. Our comprehensive approach enables sales organizations to take full advantage of leading practices and advanced technologies to improve sales effectiveness.