Performance marketing campaigns are easy to budget. We identify goals and provide an ideal cost per action at the beginning of planning. Another advantage is that outcomes are a priority throughout performance marketing campaigns, meaning ads will be optimized for goals—whether it’s viewable impressions, clicks, leads, or whatever else.

The most obvious benefit of performance marketing campaigns is being able to pay for results without undefined overhead. This is especially key to for our clients seeking actions such as leads or conversions. In performance marketing, it’s important to set a goal and stick with it. Media campaigns that optimize for conversions and then switch to clicks might underperform in both categories. It’s best to design creative and budgets around the specific goal provided at the outset.

Since performance marketing is overwhelmingly digital, our clients benefit from near-instant results and insight into performance. This includes the spend and number of impressions, clicks, and conversions. With these metrics, our clients can track performance throughout a campaign to determine return on investment. If a campaign isn’t meeting expectations, it can be paused and the budget can be moved elsewhere.

Performaa creates strategies to build, manage and follow this complex and detailed process according to your needs.

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